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Iconza the project, conceived with the ultimate purpose of satisfying the growing demand for the royalty free icons in the GUI environment. The life is getting more and more complex and the need for various icons can come from virtually anywhere. We have carefully considered this factor and offered our solution -

customizable chameleon icons - you pick your color and size. Besides, the Iconza’s icons come absolutely for free. You are free to treat them the way you want, upon just one condition: we beg of you not to place purple icons against acidic green backgrounds!




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Icon Heart
Icon House
Icon Mail
Icon RSS
Icon Edit
Icon Print
Icon Tag
Icon Film
Icon Comment
Icon User
Icon Shield
Icon Folder
Icon File
Icon Flag
Icon Left Arrow
Icon Right Arrow
Icon Up Arrow
Icon Down Arrow
Icon Trackback
Icon Undo
Icon Redo
Icon Move
Icon Expand
Icon Star
Icon Music
Icon Downloads folder
Icon Picture
Icon Lens
Icon Info
Icon Error
Icon Round Add
Icon Round Remove
Icon Warning
Icon Stop
Icon Download
Icon Add
Icon Remove
Icon Delete
Icon Cancel
Icon Sound
Icon No Sound
Icon Zoom In
Icon Push pin
Icon Unlock
Icon Lock
Icon Scissors
Icon Wrench
Icon Magic Wand
Icon Toolbox
Icon Alert
Icon Trash
Icon LIne Graph
Icon Help
Icon Door
Icon Script
Icon Zoom Out
Icon CD
Icon Network
Icon Camera
Icon Save
Icon Hard Disk
Icon Monitor
Icon iPhone
Icon Tune
Icon Calculator
Icon Gear Wheel
Icon Buildings
Icon Address book
Icon Globe
Icon Briefcase
Icon Remove Favourite
Icon Database
Icon Workflow
Icon Server
Icon Mouse pointer
Icon Mobile phone
Icon iPod
Icon Keyboard
Icon Line Chart
Icon Filter
Icon Clipboard
Icon Notebook
Icon Clock
Icon Cardfile
Icon Round OK
Icon Round Down Arrow
Icon Round Up Arrow
Icon Round Left Arrow
Icon Round Right Arrow
Icon Compress
Icon Attach
Icon Tab
Icon Bookmark
Icon Contrast
Icon Newspaper
Icon Note
Icon Cal
Icon Pill
Icon Cart
Icon Basket
Icon Check mark
Icon Key
Icon Key 2
Icon Puzzle
Icon Browser Window
Icon Link
Icon Asterisk
Icon Anchor
Icon Table
Icon Card
Icon Signs man
Icon Signs woman
Video that explains it all

Video that explains it all

Logo, icon and wallpapers

Logo, icon and wallpapers

Iconza — collection of free icons that can be colored and reduced in size to your taste. If you are a happy site or blog owner, you will be able to pick icons that will fit right into your design. The project is done by Turbomilk, company that is also involved in producing icons, logos and interfaces for cash. Special thanks to Buyzillion online mall for selling virtually anything. Creative Commons Attribution License You can do anything you want with this icons. Back link to should be placed on every project using them.

Логотип Iconza

Pick a color for your icons matching the color scheme of your site or blog


Select the icon size: large (32×32 px), medium (24×24 px) or small (16×16 px)


Push an icon you like to download it


It’s all clear, so let’s get started already!